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Varley 20th May 2019 11:01

Morar, She features in latest SeaBreezes
Title says it all. She was just before my time but I always fancied that I missed a fun trip or two.

erimus 20th May 2019 13:57

This vessel was my biggest headache in the days as Ship Scheduling Controller with BISCOre/BSC.
We all knew the Gas Turbine concept could have been a good one, on her it wasn't.....first met her,as an agent on the Tees, and she had problems then, cannot remember who Master was at time but one of the 'old brigade'....possibly Alf Cromarty.
She was,of course, one of the Port Talbot sized fleet so small upriver ports, Ayresome Wharf Middlesbrough,Workington ,Barrow or Dagenham were often used. Fords got to point of refusing her as being so unreliable as to upset their furnace routine...she was reported, I seem to remember, passing Dover Pilots four of five times in one day!
One of the HQ accountants worked out that the best thing to use her for was long voyages(!) so we sent her to Vittoria,which in effect meant we didn't have to worry about her,other than fuelwise, for nearly two months!

Varley 20th May 2019 15:40

In early leaves I used to drink with Cecil Kennaugh just retired Chief Super of the IoM Steam Packet (and the amazing sidecar driving Mabel, both sea swimming daily into their eighties). When I joined the office it was in the closing year of Eddie Bruce's reign in a similar capacity for DSM.

Suffice it to say that their memories of one another when Morar was lying disabled in Laxey bay did not entirely coincide. "Denholms seemed to think we had an entire free drydock facility in Fort Street". Another drinking friend whose name I can no longer remember (lived in Laxey) had been Master of Rembrandt.

I'll post the same on SH and return favour.

erimus 20th May 2019 16:24

Because Smiths Dock Middlesbrough had more success with Rembrandt the Morar came in more than once to have her turbines looked at by them...

Varley 21st May 2019 10:49

I should have added, following the apocrypha here (and heard often) that there is one unusual thing about her illustration in SeaBreezes. She is clearly underway!

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