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Originally Posted by Alistair Macnab View Post
Well... for good or bad, we have found this new site, and I expect to see some of my ex-Bank Line lads here. Nowadays, there's not many places to go. Let me know if you agree to post here or will keep to the old SN where the Bank Line history that has been already posted, remains. Whatever, I think we should all decide where we shall congregate. The new avatar harks back to my first trip and was taken by "Aberdonian" in Port Sudan.

Having just found this site I'm not surprised to see that you and Alan have beaten me to it! To be honest I was getting a little frustrated by SN and was looking for something more akin to the retired mariners outlook. I Like the photo Alistair. By the way, no news about the Blue Plaque yet. As you will have observed my user name harks back to some interesting days in Hamburg! Mike
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