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I abandoned groan-o-meters years ago and, being tech-savvy, I installed an app on my computer. It works rather like an anti-virus app, where it receives regular updates of groan-detecting algorithms, and it also has a spell checker function that detects miss-spelled words where they are a play on words designed to induce groans. It has four levels of filtering, from that which might cause me discomfort to that which might require resort to the whiskey bottle. If I download an Internet forum post that contains any context that the algorithm can detect, then it will be presented to me in a form that would not offend a nun.

It works very well, as all such downloaded applications tend to do. Unfortunately it also filters my posts and submits them in a way that would not offend that nun. I will sort it out in time but, in the meantime, if I appear to post anything in this thread when it doesn't make sense to baser instincts please accept that I am working on it!
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