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Old 9th July 2017, 20:44
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This volunteer branch of the RN was disbanded in 1994. I have been on another site that has a longish thread about it by some of those who served, but they all seem to have been near the end of this service, and sailed in the Fleet tenders such as Loyal Chancellor. I was trying to find out which HAM class inshore sweepers were manned by this branch. I was invited to join by a member in Torquay in the 1970's, when their Devonport based Ham class boat was a frequent visitor to Dartmouth and Torquay. I can't remember her name now, but at the time I was a skipper in the Western Lady fleet, and enjoying myself handling a B Class Fairmile. I found out at around that time, that the Fairmiles in the Western Lady fleet were subject to requisitioning by their Lordships at the Admiralty, and any likely lads of the right age would have been required to join up with them, if necessary.

Does any member have any memories of the RNXS at Devonport in the late 1960's to 1970's?
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