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ss Louisianan & ss Napo

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Old 26th August 2021, 00:56
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ss Louisianan & ss Napo

I was researching family over the last few weeks and found that my Great Grandmothers brother was a mariner. I found him on a number of crew lists but two of the ships are a mystery. The first one is the Louisianan which he signed on in 1901 and the other is the Napo which he signed on in 1900. I believe Napo was ex Harmony of T&J Harrison. Can anyone help out with a bit more info?
Also on signing on the Napo I note in the ‘previous vessel’ section he is down as what appears to be ‘deserted’ - there are one or two others on the manifest with that against their names as well. It appears they were quite lenient back then.
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Old 26th August 2021, 13:54
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LOUISIANIAN built 1891 Barclay Curle & Co Glasgow owner West India & Pacific SS Co then F. Leyland & Co(1900) Ltd Reg Liverpool
CLYDEMARITIME database has all her history

NAPO x Harmony built 1897 S P Austin & Son Ltd Sunderland Owners Red Cross Iquitos SS Co Ltd (R Singlehurst & Co) Liverpool
SUNDERLAND built ships also have a database

also many Lloyds Registers available on line now.
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