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Wrens, Wargames and the Battle of the Atlantic

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Old 26th May 2024, 13:51
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Wrens, Wargames and the Battle of the Atlantic

Very interesting! We owe them.
Best Wishes,

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Old 27th May 2024, 09:42
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Gilbert Roberts and his team were certainly innovative and influential, many of the tactics they developed in Derby House still appear in Naval Anti submarine tactical doctrine to this day, many of the plans for dealing with hostile submarines still carry many of the odd 'fruit' names although they now have numbers too and are categorised into either an ASW Attack, Support or Search plan.

It should be said that many of the plans WATU developed were later refined / modified at sea by the Escort commanders who were hunting then sinking the Uboats.

When I was being taught ASW at the Maritime Warfare Centre in Portsmouth, my boss WO Andy Richards gifted me the book - "Captain Gilbert Roberts R.N. and the Anti-U-Boat School", I still have it in my collection today and it is well worth a read alongside a book about WATU "A Game of Birds and Wolves".
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Old 27th May 2024, 12:56
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Interesting indeed. Anyone hear radio 4 this morning. Of the diminishing crowd celebrated at this time of year was a lady who copied German radio traffic for intelligence. The reporter mentioned that in her unbroadcast chat she had boasted of being the only old lady in her road who could use a machine gun.

Reminded me of an old family friend who had driven the Dutch Royal Family during their exile. She died after a fire in her flat at 90. While I was helping her niece to clear-up we found her personal security device in her bedside drawer. Knuckle dusters! I wonder if our generation would respond in such numbers as did hers and with such spirit. It was not universal. We had a Cousin who de-camped to Ireland to avoid serving and whilst Pa hurried back from the Argentine Ma resisted joining until she was conscripted and thought the whole affair beneath her.
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