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Crash Site

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Old 4th November 2018, 11:33
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Crash Site

About 40 years ago I was doing the Pennine Way and I remember walking past this site. I was going North to South so this was near the end of a two week walk and those hills have a lot of downed aircraft on them.

Someone guided me to this website about this particular plane, a B29 that crashed 70 years ago. You can still see the wreckage on Google Earth about half a mile south of Bleaklow Hill summit.

This video is a very well produced and moving account from those who had the task of recovering the bodies of the crew. Particularly so at this time of year. It took me back to the walk when I just remembered a curious scattering of wreckage, but now see the terrible heart rending story behind it.

"I say we take off, nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure."
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(Actually Ripley said it first.)

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Old 4th November 2018, 17:07
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Thanks, Bob. That is almost beyond a response - only silence will do.
A related story that gave me goose pimples, I heard on Uist. I was crew of a yacht and took a stroll on the shore. Fell into talk with an old fellow. He spoke of a wartime crash of a Canadian Liberator on one of the crofts. All perished. One of the crew was a decendant of the family cleared from that same croft generations earlier.
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Old 5th November 2018, 14:20
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Very movingly narrated, and atmospheric with the mist in the background. R.I.P.
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