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Hello From NZ

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Old 6th October 2022, 14:39
Sparkie2182 United Kingdom Sparkie2182 is offline
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"which I use to make the cats do exercise"

Does Mexico have an equivalent of the RSPCA?

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Old 6th October 2022, 14:55
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Boy, does it! They even have a Fiscalia for crimes against animals - Yes, there are laws to protect animals! Flock the people, but the animals definitely have rights.

Cats try and pick up or rub out the laser spot. When it is moving, they try to grab it with both front paws. When they are not being made to work out, they tend to just sleep all the time, only moving when din-din is served. We have five......all bundles of extreme inactivity.

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Old 6th October 2022, 17:44
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I’m glad the subject of AVO came up.
It inspired me the break out the derrick and hoist my doorstop onto the bench - so I exaggerate slightly.
Just as well - it needs a new 15v batt.
The Mad Landsman
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Old 7th October 2022, 00:29
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Dave's fine collection of electronic measuring devices with various brand names sounds quite impressive. I used to sell such things in my last job, all branded with a power tool manufacturer's name, such as Hitachi, DeWalt, Milwaukee, Ryobi and so on. Then we had Leica instruments added to our large range, and discovered most of the other brands measuring and laser devices were made by Leica anyway. I still have my Ryobi sample which would really flummox Dave's menagerie of felines, as it has a vacuum pump to attach it to any angled surface and a rotatable light source that shines a dot or a line.

We also sold radios, but only those that played very loud music on a building site.
"You do not ask a tame seagull why it needs to disappear from time to time towards the open sea. It goes. That's all." Bernard Moitessier.
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