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Great Pamir doku!

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Old 22nd May 2021, 15:27
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Great Pamir documentary!

Though I lack the possibility of making any profit on the products here sold, I fully understand the possibility that the moderators will see this more as advertising than a review of material relevant to the site from a trustworthy member.

I have just watched a DVD from the Dutch bookseller WWW. NAUTIEK.NL made by this bookseller in cooperation with the Dutch film archive. It is called "PAMIR het laatste zeilschip 1932", lasts for 40 minutes, costs Euro 12.95 and consists solely of documentary footage from work aboard that ship, no text or talk, but solely (I must say it - a rather monotonous) piano accompaniment.


The thing that makes me publish this is that the moving pictures on this DVD are really excellent - they are both clear and well composed, and in addition the cutting, that is the arranged sequence of the shots, are truly dynamic. For the price it cannot be anything but a great buy.

With the Pamir video I bought two others - "Havens van Rotterdam 1925 and "Havens van Amsterdam 1925." The Amsterdam shipping documentary, which I am watching now, has the same headache producing piano (that can be turned down), and lots of interesting film sequences, but here some information of what we are seeing is glaringly missing. Seeing dock repairs and Atlantic liners returning is not as easy to arrange in a harmonious sequence as is the handling of a sailing ship. Both "Amsterdam" and "Rotterdam" (the latter I have not watched yet) are 45 minutes long, and they are Euro 12.95 each. like all of the 20 videos offered for sale.


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