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Shipping in the far-northern Pacific ca. 1850-1950

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Shipping in the far-northern Pacific ca. 1850-1950

I'd like to find some reading material on non-fishing/whaling related shipping around the far-northern reaches of the Pacific any time ca. 1850-1950: British Columbia, Alaska and the Aleutians, the Bering Sea, the Sea of Okhotsk, the Kurils, etc.

This one looks interesting:Aleutian Freighter: A History of Shipping in the Aleutian Islands

The region certainly wasn't a dead-zone for shipping. Possible topics of interest include (and are not limited to) the vessels used to move people and goods during the Klondike Gold Rush, Japanese supply ships in the Kurils pre-WW2, coastal shipping between ports of the Russian Far East, or shipping links between Alaska and the lower 48.

Anyone have sources to share?

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