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MV. Rangitata

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Old 13th January 2022, 10:43
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MV. Rangitata

In yesterday’s Daily Mail somebody asked the question what happened to the Rangitata, quick answer nothing in particular. Details 16967 tons, built 1929 scrapped 1962 and sold for scrap to the Yugoslavs and broken up at Split. She cost 577.300 to build. She had Sulzers when originally built but in 1949 was rengined with opposed piston Doxfords 2scsa 6 cyl at twice the hp of the Sulzers. She was a bad weather ship and top heavy, very bad roller. On her final voyage from Auckland the crew got out there paint pots and spursed her up. Last master was Commodore A Hocken and. C/E WTMackay. That’s all.
Rangitata means. Close Sky.

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